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       I wanted to drop you and George a note to let you know what a fantastic trip I had on August 12, 06. This was the first time I had ever fished Lake Ontario. It was a trip I will never forget, especially when I look at the big one hangin on the wall. I never imagined a day of fishing like that and certainly never expected to catch the quantity or quality of fish we brought in. After hooking up with a 31+ pound King Salmon it will be hard to go back to Texas and catch Bass again. Here I am two days later and my arm is still sore from fighting those fish!

Your knowledge of Lake Ontario seem to be limitless, which obviously came in handy as we were one of only a handful of boats catching fish that day. I also enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie we had between fish, and your professionalism. Every aspect of the trip was a pleasure, and an experience that everyone should try at least once. I thank you and George for making sure I enjoyed myself. I look forward to booking a trip with you again in the near future.     

               Darrel Barnett

                Austin, TX.

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